Since the start of Circusbende in 2018, Kersvers has been an essential part of the program. Kersvers is a place for work in progress, short acts, brand new work, try-outs and so on. It’s a block of max one hour in which various artists show their creation (between 7 and 20 minutes). We take care of the stage, technique, sleeping and food and an enthusiastic audience. Only students of professional circusschools and alumni can apply.

In 2018 we started Circusbende Festival, a contemporary circus festival in Amsterdam. This year the festival is spread out over two weekends in two locations: 
August 15-16-17-18 at Het Groene Veld, Amsterdam Noord
August 29-30-31 + September 1 at Erasmuspark, Amsterdam West 

There will be a stage of minimum 7×7 or 8×6 with a dance floor, a soundsystem and a technician. The stage will be outside and Kersvers is planned during daylight. In case of rain, we need to postpone the show or cancel.  

We offer €100 for an act + travel expenses + the donation of the audience you receive after the performance. We take care of sleeping places (if needed), food and drinks.

Deadline: May1st